Music in the Key of We

a community in celebration

The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra is celebrating triple milestone anniversaries this year: Stuart Malina’s 20th season as music director, the Harrisburg Symphony Society’s 30th season, and the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra’s 90th season.

Instead of celebrating their anniversaries amongst only the Orchestra community, they are sharing their joy with and saying “thank you” to all of the Harrisburg community through an event unlike any other they’ve produced before. A concert featuring Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, popularly known as the “Ode to Joy” will take place in the Farm Show Complex’s Next Holland Arena, a 7,000 seat venue. General admission tickets will be available for only $20 to ensure that a large population of the Harrisburg community can attend and enjoy. Following the concert, the main arena floor will be transformed into the “Afterglow” Party, featuring dinner, dancing and a silent auction for table seated guests.


Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra


Name Ideation, Logo Development and Branding, Marketing Collateral, Invitation Design, Poster Design, Book Design


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We decided to name the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra’s anniversary event Music in the Key of We: An Anniversary Celebration of Community. This title resonates the full message of the event. It leaves no doubt that the event is musically focused and it communicates the root of the celebration as an anniversary milestone. The “key of we” acts as a fun play on words as “we” rhymes with the name of several actual musical keys and communicates that this celebration is inclusive of all within the community. Our logo design was inspired by the energy of Beethoven’s Ninth: dynamic and strong with delicate touches. It has an elegant yet energetic form that is paired with a modern and casual font. Letterforms flow into and around one another to push the idea of unity. We were inspired by Beethoven’s bold, eccentric, and expressive personality and image.
Music in the Key of We Coffee Sleeve
Music in the Key of We Custom Coffee Bag - Beethoven's Blend

We incorporated organic and community centric outreach into the event marketing plan to further activate the overarching message of In the Key of We as well as increase exposure of The Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra to crowds less familiar. Some of these initiatives include a sponsored coffee sleeve distributed by two major Harrisburg coffee shops and a limited edition coffee blend sold in the months leading up to the event.

Music in the Key of We Logo
Music in the Key of We Logo Sketch

Our main focus was in helping to sell sponsorships, the backbone of any event. Together with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, we developed a series of three sponsorship prospectus booklets for committee members to take along with them when meeting with potential sponsors. These books explained the event, its mission, the positive role of the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra as a leader in the arts community of Harrisburg.

Lastly, it detailed the sponsorship levels and as each new edition of the book was printed, included logos and names of those who had committed to be sponsors of the event.

Bright blue cover featuring Beethoven's peeking face

Our branding and vision for the event has helped to secure
over $445,000 in sponsorship pledges to date.

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